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Established in 1987, the Felix Rams poll dorset flock has developed to an annual joining of  575 structurally sound, performance selected adult ewes. This joining includes 120 ewes artificially inseminated to outside genetics annually.   A small ET program is conducted to further capture the genetics of our best performing ewes. Additionally our ewe lambs are joined for a spring lambing.

Felix Rams poll dorsets are long, well muscled and selected for moderate birthweight and ease of lambing. They have great hindquarters. They are early maturing rams ideally suited to the production of suckers and trade weights, but with the capacity to be taken out to heavier weights for export.

We have successfully managed improving growth rate while maintaining moderate birthweight asbvs. Many of our clients comment on the reduction in lambing problems since switching to our poll dorset rams.

We are an active member of the poll dorset breeding group Meat Elite Australia. Felix Rams is a regular contributor of sires to the Meat Elite elite sire team. This, along with our use of sires by AI and semen sales, means that our flock is well linked to the Sheep Genetics database, importantly increasing the accuracy  of our ASBVs.

Flock rams are available all year round, with 140 rams reserved for our annual on property sale in September. ASBVs are always available to assist with your selection.

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