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Breeders of Poll Dorset and White Suffolk rams in Central West NSW for 35 years

A ram breeders goal should be to maximise producers efficient production and profitability. At Felix Rams we do this by breeding structurally sound, early maturing, performance selected rams that match the requirements of your production system. This gives you the best opportunity to consistently meet market specifications with ease and efficiency.  We also help you produce lambs that meet processor expectations for yield and at the same time consumer expectations for eating quality.

We measure performance in the paddock – birthweight, lambing ease, growth rate, fat, muscle, individual worm egg counts, combined with progeny carcase testing and dna test for lean meat yield, intra-muscular fat, shearforce and dressing percentage – and, importantly,  select accordingly.

Accurate data collection is in our DNA. No one does performance data and selection better than Felix Rams.

Our rams performance comes from their ability to convert grass to growth and muscle in the paddock. Rams are run under commercial conditions and supplemented with grain only in drought. The only sheep that have access to feeders are our culls!

Rodney Liz and Isaac Watt

“Quality means doing it right when no-one is looking”   Henry Ford

25th Annual Lambplan Ram Sale

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2023 Catalogue with IMF +LMY

Calendar icon Thurs 7th September 1 pm 2023


349 Adams Lane Greenethorpe NSW

Interfaced with

offering approx

150 Poll Dorsets

 60 White Suffolks

On-Property 349 Adams

Lane Greenethorpe NSW


2023 Poll Dorset Semen rams

2023 White Suffolk Semen rams


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