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All our semen is stored at Genstock Dubbo in straws. All rams have been dna tested to confirm sire pedigree and to increase accuracy of eating quality asbvs.

Two exciting 2020 drop ram lambs already collected

Introducing Felix 200213 and Felix 200356

Felix 200213

200213 is an impressive son of Bundara Downs 181548 (who is by Felix 161073) with the style , correctness and muscle of 161073 with improved eating quality.  213’s dam is the twin sister of Felix 170168 and his sire of dam is Hillcroft Farms 130156

ASBVs and pedigree

At 15 months

At 8 months

Felix 200356

Looking for an outcross sire and not wanting to give away gains in growth rate, muscle and eating quality, and keep birthweight optimal?

200356 is by Jewsharp 150014 (by Derrynock 130068) and out of a ewe by Felix 160494. We used him in January as a ram lamb and the video here is the day he came out of ewes in February.

ASBVs and pedigree

At 15 months

At 8 months

Felix 190141 and Felix 190968 (APDA Reg 57549)

These two sons of Felix 160494 were both used as ram lambs and between them already have more than 180 live lambs on the ground.  Semen was collected  in May. They have both been selected in the 2020 Meat Elite Young Sire Team.

Semen $40 per dose

In the videos 190141 and 190968, 190968 is the one that has been crutched.

Video of 190141 and 190968 May 2020

ASBVs for Felix 190141

ASBVs for Felix 190968

Felix 180106 (APDA Reg57645)

We are impressed with this son of Old Woombi 120135. He was used as a ram lamb in 2019 over ewe lambs, and again in 2020 for our main joining. Correct and with a great temperament.

ASBVs for Felix 180106

Felix 160494 (APDA Reg 56160)

A number of breeders have enquired about semen in Felix 160494. We used 160494 as a lamb in 2017 and he was sold at our annual sale to Brad and Lauren Yelds, Cobana Pastoral Co (Flock # 4418).

Semen has been collected in 160494 by Cobana and is stored with APIAM Deniliqin. We used him in our AI program this year.

Please contact Brad 02 6458 5201 or is you want semen.

Felix 170667

170667 is a well muscled son of Felix 160800 (by Felix 130653, exceptional lmy). Picture was taken at 6.5 months just before joining in January 2018.

170363 (photo 15/01/18, 6.5 months)

170667 was selected in Meat Elite Australia’s Young Sire Team for 2018.

170667 was used as a ram lamb for the winter and spring 2018 drop, with his progeny outstanding at our 2019 annual sale. He is a proven moderate birthweight sire with a great hindquarter and early maturity.

Latests ASBVs for 170667

Semen is in straws at Apiam (formerly Allstock) Dubbo, price $40 per ewe dose

161073 (1)

Felix 161073 (APDA Reg 56284)


161073 (APDA Reg 56284) is a very correct high performing, high carcase plus index spring drop son of Felix 130653 (exceptional lean meat yield). He is currently the number 1 Poll Dorset sire in Australia on the Carcase Plus index

161073 was selected in Meat Elite Australia’s Young Sire Team for 2017, and also in the MLA Resource Flock for 2017. He is well proven and has 444 progeny in 11 flocks, with 313 scanned in multiple flocks. 161073 has been dna tested as well.

His asbvs were bwt 0.52, pwwt 19.1, pfat -0.1, pemd 4.2 and  -25 for pwec 1/02/19. C+ 241 and LEQ 152.7 (DNA tested)

161073 was used for our spring drop in 2017, producing 40 progeny of which 13 have been dna tested. He was also used for our  winter lambing in 2018, with another 98 progeny.

Latest ASBVS for 161073

Semen is in straws at Apiam (formerly Allstock) Dubbo, price $50 per ewe dose

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