TCP Index

TCP (Terminal Carcase Production)

The TCP index has been created by Sheep Genetics to assist producers to achieve both gains in their major production traits, post-weaning weight and muscling, as well as ensuring consumer satisfaction from lamb is maintained through focusing on key eating quality traits such as shear force (tenderness) and intramuscular fat (marbling).

The TCP index is designed to suit a production system where:

• all progeny are terminal

• improving growth and muscle is of commercial benefit

• increasing lean meat yield has a positive financial impact

• a small degree of emphasis is included to maintain or improve eating quality.

What’s not in TCP?

ASBVs for BWT and PWEC are not part of the TCP index, so if these traits are important to you need to assess them in conjunction with the index. There is also limited weighting on PFAT. We always recommend looking at the asbvs, not just an index, and selecting animals that meet you criteria, not just have a high index.

We believe TCP is a useful index for producers to use.