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Felix 150721

150721 is by Langley Heights 090160. He is a thick, early maturing white suffolk with an excellent carcase. Both 150721 progeny and progeny of his son 160100 (no semen available) consistently scanned well for eye muscle depth in December 2017

Used heavily as  a ram lamb, 150721 was the backup sire to our AI program in 2016, and has produced more than 80 live progeny in 2016. He was again used in 2017. He was selected in the Superwhites Young Sire Team for 2017, and has been selected s the link sire for Superwhites in 2018.

He has well balanced asbvs of bwt -0.01, pwwt 15.3, pfat -0.3, pemd 3.7 and pwec -46 (as at 1/12/17). LEQ Index 155.9. DNA results for 14 2017 progeny at Felix are already included in the Lambplan analysis, with scan data from the winter drop in before 15/12/17.

Apologies for the photo quality – a rushed job in wet conditions with untrained rams.

Latest ASBVs for 150721

Semen is stored in straws at Allstock Dubbo, and is $40 per ewe dose in Australia.

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