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ASBVs for semen sires

Introducing Felix 201156

Sire Felix 191175 SOD is Felix 180850.

We test mated this interesting high performing young ram at only 6 months of age (age in the video too) over synchronised ewe lambs before collecting semen. We will use him again for our main ewe lamb joining March 15.

201156 has been dna tested, scanned for fat and muscle Latest ASBVs

Two new exciting semen rams for 2021 joining – Felix 190002 and Felix 191175.

We used both rams as ram lambs in 2020

Video of 191175 and 190002 25/05/20

Felix 191175 November 2020



Felix 170761

Semen to be collected

170761 is by Felix 160614, and was selected for the Superwhites YST for 2019. Photo taken in January 2018 at 6.5 months.

170761 had attracted our attention when we were selecting ram lambs to use in January, but wasn’t used as a lamb for our main joining.  When 160614 had progeny carcase tested for eating quality and yield his asbvs improved considerably, and this made 170761 considerably more interesting. He was used as a backup to adult ewes in the spring but fortunately/unfortunately they were almost all in lamb to the main joining. As a result he only has 6 live progeny on the ground. One of these was sold at our Annual Sale to Detpa Grove. We used 170761 in 2019 and two sons have been used.

170761 is an easy doing,  thick,  early maturing ram with a great hindquarter and good fleshing. He has outstanding PWEC asbvs, from a solid line of PWEC sires.

Latest ASBVs for 170761

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