Felix Rams

Felix Rams is a mixed farming business at Greenethorpe in central west NSW focusing on the production of high performance Poll Dorset and White Suffolk rams.

Felix Rams is a leading supplier of meatsheep rams and markets upwards of 400 flock rams annually, including our annual on-property sale the first Thursday in September (changing from the first Tuesday after 2020 due to the change of lamb sale day in Cowra).

Our business and breeding program is very commercially focused, with selection based on measured performance, asbvs, and visual assessment. Nothing is left to chance with our performance recording. We take adavantage of available technologies – electronic tags, dna technology and database record keeping and mate allocation, to make sure the performance data we collect is the most accurate possible.

Data collection is in our dna.

In addition the business produces grain, oilseeds and prime lambs.

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