After a moderately successful attempt at embryo transfer (ET) in 2015, and a very poor result in 2016, our program this year has been by far the most successful.

We programmed 6 Poll Dorset ewes for flushing this year and on Feb 6 flushed 46 embryos from those ewes. That’s 7.7 embryos per donor, easily our best result. Well worth the effort.

What did we do differently? Well the ewes were definitely on a rising plane of nutrition. They were fed a small amount of barley (400- 500 gms every second day) and had a large square bale of lucerne/clover hay that had had some rain on it before it was baled. They also had a slight green pick of some summer grasses. We also tried to stress them a little less. Their paddock was adjacent to the yards, but not one we moved through daily.

The best donor ewe was a 2015 drop ewe 150310 who had lambed in August 2016 and reared her single lamb. She produced 13 embryos.

Estimated progeny performance for the et matings:

DamJoin toest bwtest pwtest pfatest pemdest pwecest lmyest imfest shrf5est LEQ
110215HF 1301560.4216.3-0.13.2-113.6-0.21-1.0155.76
140254Marocara 1500490.3117.1-0.33.6-213.9-0.25-0.5160.82
150310HF 1301560.4216.0-0.43.5-74.1-0.24-1.3159.92
150369Marocara 1500490.4116.5-0.33.3-13.4-0.04-1.1158.37
150375HF 1301560.4016.7-0.43.3-134.2-0.29-0.5159.82
Average 0.3816.6-0.43.3-144.0-0.26-0.3157.53