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Its been a hectic couple of weeks at Felix Rams, as it always is at joining time. This year we have used 4 2015 drop Poll Dorset rams lambs and 4 2015 WS ram lambs, along with 4 adult Poll Dorset rams – a total of 12 individual sire joining paddocks. We have also artificially […]

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A lot more happens behind the scenes in a modern, performance focused ram breeding operation. While most lamb producers focus on 2 or 3 traits when buying rams (traits like growth rate, fat, muscle and birthweight), as breeders we now have 9 different traits included in our selection index of ebvs. Clearly the primary profit […]

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Preg tested the backups (dries from the earlier joining) and the ewe lambs today. Ended up with 51% of the ewe lambs in lamb from a 4 week single sire joining. Not our best result, but also no where near the worst. 5.9% dries in the adults was higher than we normally end up with. […]

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